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Spoof my Call was created to provide information and resources on the practice of caller ID spoofing and related technology.  You may have found thins site by searching for "how do I spoof my call?"  If so, hopefully the Spoof my Call site can help you :)

We at Spoof my Call have attempted to answer some of your spoofing questions the best that we could.  The Spoof my Call researchers worked long, hard days and nights to bring you the most accurate information on caller ID spoofing.  The areas in which we may have failed have been taken care of by the Spoof my Call links and articles.  Anything that you are still unsure of after having read this wonderfully assembled site, one our links will surely help you answer your question. 

What is caller ID spoofing?               *CLICK HERE TO TRY SPOOFING FREE*

If I want to spoof my call, the practice in which I would be partaking is called caller ID spoofing.  It is also referred to by other terms such as spoof calling, call display spoofing, number faking, phone spoofing, and so forth.

Caller ID spoofing
is the practice of altering the number that appears on someone's caller ID when they receive a call from you.  When I spoof my call, I fake my number.  Instead of displaying my real telephone number or attempting to block it, I display a "spoofed" or fake number. 

Caller ID spoofing is mainly used for privacy protection.  It is the act of manipulating what someone sees on their call display when you call them.  Instead of blocking  or revealing my real one, you can choose any number I like to display and, therefore, I spoof my call.

Since its inception, a number of caller ID spoofing providers have begun to offer their services.  SpoofTel is now the longest running caller ID spoofing provider on the web.

A lot of people will not answer calls if the number shows up as "private" or "unknown" and there are a lot of situations in which you may not want to display your real number.  Caller ID spoofing helps to solve this.

Click on one of the Spoof my Call links for more information on caller ID spoofing, as well as some available caller ID spoofing providers.  The articles provide different stories and media releases related to caller ID spoofing.

Why Spoof my Call? 

So,"why spoof my call?"  There are many, many reasons for using caller ID spoofing.  For one, you can use it for fun to prank your friends (slightly immature, but fun).  As well, you can use it to return calls to or respond to ads from people you don't know. 

Essentially, if I wanted to spoof my call, I am doing it for privacy.  Whether calling someone I know or don't, the purpose is to hide my real phone number from the person.  When I spoof my call, there is no way for someone to find out the real number I am calling from.

Who thinks "I want to Spoof my Call?"

A very wide range of people use, or would benefit from using, caller ID Spoofing and related number faking and other services (SMS spoofing, email spoofing, record a call, conference calling, and voice changing). 

It is likely that the first thing which comes to mind for most people is that spoofing is used for pranking phone calls.   Caller ID spoofing could be, and probably is, used by people to prank their friends or relatives.  This is probably the case because most spoofing providers also offer options to change your voice and record your call, making it all that more amusing to use.

Police and other law enforcement would use caller ID spoofing to track down criminals or suspects by pretending to call them from a family member or friend’s phone number. 

Spouses would use spoofing to catch their partners in lies, cheating, or other awkward situation. Even regular individuals may use caller ID spoofing to pretend they are in one location when they’re really in another.  For instance, you may tell people that you are going out of town for a while so when you have to call them, you are able to fake a phone number and therefore your location.  This would be a time to think "how to I spoof MY call." 

Even regular individuals may use caller ID spoofing to pretend they are in one location when they’re really in another.  For instance, you may tell people that you are going out of town for a while so when you have to call them, you are able to fake a phone number and therefore your location.

You cannot place actual calls from the Spoof my Call website.  Spoof my Call can only provide you with information on caller ID spoofing.  Two reputable caller ID spoofing providers are www.spooftel.com and www.spoofem.com 

How do I Spoof my Call?

The first step you MUST take in answering the question, "how do I spoof MY call" is to find a caller ID spoofing provider that you feel comfortable with.  There are several caller ID spoofing providers available on the web and most of them offer the same services.  In addition to spoof calling, some providers offer options such as SMS spoofing, call recording, and voice changing.  It is also important that you compare each caller ID spoofing provider in regards to the services they provide and the rates they offer.  Some caller ID spoofing providers are much less expensive than others.  Also be wary that some providers charge maintenance fees so you may see your funds disappearing without you even accessing your account.

The second step would be to sign up an account.  Some caller ID spoofing providers offer a free trial of their service before you sign up.  Once you have an account, you have to deposit funds in your account.  Some services convert your funds in to "credits."  Be careful with this as the credits are not an exact match to the amount you deposit.

Once your have funds in your account you can finally spoof my number, or yours, whatever.  And remember, caller ID spoofing can remain your secret, or you can be nice and tell your friends about it whenever they ask, "how do I spoof MY call?"


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